Counselling for Adults

I understand that life can be hard and sometimes its hard to makes sense of your feelings – counselling  gives you the time and space to feel emotionally supported when you need it most. From helping to work through emotional challenges to tackling mental and emotional well-being impacting on your life. 

We all have the inner resources to solve our problems but sometimes we need support to think things over and express our feelings.

Sometimes talking to family and friends doesn't seem to help, or feels inappropriate. 

By offering you a place where you feel safe to explore your life with confidence and trust, I can help you to understand what is not working for you. You can then figure out what you need to move forward so that you can find solutions and create joy in your life. 

Counselling is very helpful for working through a specific issue such as dealing with conflict or managing a difficult relationship, but it's also a safe space to work through emotions if you are not sure why you are feeling the way you are.  Our work together would involve helping you to become more aware of your feelings, behaviours and thoughts and to change any unhelpful patterns of relating.  Together we would look at how to resolve these problems and develop better ways of relating and communicating.  You may then want to go on to look at deeper issues in your life.