Counselling for Children

Children and Young People can experience a broad range of issues and emotional challenges that they’re not equipped to deal with.  Counselling can really help.

Counselling sessions for children can enable them to explore the things that are upsetting or worrying them and helps unlock and express pent up feelings which are affecting their daily life and may be showing in their behaviour.  I offer children a warm, friendly non judgemental space where they can feel comfortable to explore  their worrries through play or talking.

Children's  natural language is play,  therefore I use therapeutic techniques  through art and play such as sand, puppets, or drawing to help children tell their story in their own way and explore their feelings in a safe therapeutic environment .  Drawing pictures and talking about feelings of a person in the picture and maybe inventing a story may help.  These methods are simply tools to get a better insight into the unconscious.

Older children may prefer talking therapy, or a mixture of both, and the counselling approach will depend on the individual.  The aim of Counselling for Children is to enable them to cope better with emotions and feelings.

I find it really helps to meet a parent/carer initially, so that we can explore the difficulties your child is facing and look at ways that counselling can help.  During this time,  you may speak openly about your concerns and any observations you have about your child as well as obtain important information about the counselling process.  Whilst what happens in the child's counselling session is confidential, I highly value parental participation and believe that working together is in the child's best interest.