Support for Adults and Children
When You Need It

Sometimes life can be hard and we need help to work out how we feel and what is not working as well as it could be in our lives.  I am a warm, empathic counsellor who offers a safe, supportive space to adults and children, where you can explore any worries or difficulties in total confidence.  We all struggle at times and counselling offers you a chance to be listened to, to make sense of your feelings and understand different parts of yourself
Counselling Children

Is your child:
  • Worried, anxious or depressed and needs support
  • Struggling with anger management
  • Suffering with low self esteem 
  • Having challenges at school
  • Having friendship issues
  • Having behavioural problems
  • Learning to adapt to a new family dynamic
Counselling children involves helping the child to develop a positive attitude to life, how to recognise personal strengths and how to express feelings and emotions. It does not involve making decisions for the child, imposing beliefs on them or preaching. Developing a safe, compassionate and therapeutic relationship with you and your child is at the heart of my work and I bring kindness, honesty and a sense of fun to my sessions: I believe play and laughter help the healing process.  

Maybe it's time to:
  • Reach out and get the support you need for your child
  • Have a happier, calmer child and home environment
  • Give your child a space to express their feelings in a safe, confidential way
  • Let your child understand their needs and how to get them met
  • Give your child skills to be able to communicate better before things escalate 
Counselling Adults

I have worked with lots of people just like you on a range of issues incuding:
Anger issues
Family breakdown
Relationship issues
Childhood issues
Child bereavement
Family issues
Making sense of your past
Self esteem issues

My name is Susie and I have a special interest in working with Adults and Children in Dorking, Leatherhead, Fetcham, Reigate and Guildford areas. Life can feel overwhelming at times; I provide a safe non-judgemental space for you to talk about what’s on your mind and about any difficulties you may be facing – whether this is as a result of what your child is going through or if your own emotional wellbeing is in need of support.  

I offer a safe space to be able to explore your thoughts and feelings in a friendly, compassionate and supportive way; helping you stay on track. 

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I am an experienced compassionate counsellor and have worked with many Children and Adults  just like you.   Don't struggle alone...